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The Kingston Independent Residents Group (KIRG) is the local political party formed by residents in Kingston upon Thames. We provide a strong, independent voice for people that live in the Royal Borough of Kingston. We love where we live and know it the best; so we believe that on local issues, locals should decide and not the national party whip. But that’s not what’s been happening in Kingston over the last 18 years.

Introduction from Group Leader, Councillor James Giles

Westminster parties simply can’t be trusted with prioritising our local issues. Picking fights with our teachers, doctors, nurses and police directly impacts local families every day. The choice is quite clear. Do we want Westminster parties telling us what to do locally, or should we decide for ourselves? The Kingston Independent Residents Group was set up to elect councillors that only answer to one boss – residents. I’m proud to serve as a New Malden Councillor. If you like what you see, please join us.

Group Leader, Councillor James Giles

KIRG is made up of Kingston residents who want take an active role in creating the future of where they live. We are the official opposition on Kingston Council and champion our local communities, away from Westminster policies and politics. We are always keen to hear from people who are interested in joining us. We believe in:
Fighting for 'Good Growth' across the borough, and against overdevelopment
Providing more support for residents and businesses during the cost of living crisis
Supporting the cross-party KingstonCAN campaign to clean up Kingston's dirty air
Fighting for more small business support to revive our struggling high streets
Fighting for more transparency at Kingston Council, and against fat-cat payoffs

If you agree with us, please get in touch and join us today. Call 020 8050 5096 or email

James Giles
Who represents the Kingston Independent Residents Group at Kingston Council?

Independents are the official opposition on Kingston Council. James Giles and Yvonne Tracey represent the Kingston Independent Residents Group, being elected in the Green Lane and St James Ward (New Malden) in 2022. Jamal Chohan, representing Tudor Ward, became an Independent in 2023. They make up three of the five opposition Councillors on Kingston Council. If you would like their help with any local issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our office via Cllr Giles: or 020 8050 5102.

What does a Kingston Councillor do?

Councillors should first and foremost, represent their constituents. They deal with residents’ queries and requests in the areas that Kingston Council have control over. Councillors make decisions about the services that are provided by the council, taking part in council meetings where they are called upon to vote, and in committees that deal with specific projects, issues and services.

How can I stand for Council?

We’ve put together the following notes so that you can think about putting your name forward for selection under the Kingston Independent Residents Group banner. The next elections are in May 2026:

  • Kingston is crying out for representation with residents’ interests first and foremost rather than national party policies that might not fit our community;
  • There is a rising tide of residents’ opinion and also dissent amongst the ranks of the controlling party – residents are crying out for strong leadership in these times of crisis;
  • An allowance of over £9,000 per annum is payable;
  • You should be available for some evening meetings – a good deal of work is undertaken via email;
  • Candidates will have the strong support of a team of likeminded individuals and serving councillors.
  • If you are interested or want to find out more, please do get in touch by emailing
Are Councillors paid?

Kingston Councillors are paid a basic allowance of over £9,000 to enable them to undertake their duties, which are:

  1. Being available and accessible to all of the constituents in their ward;
  2. Preparing for and attending formal and informal meetings that they are invited to;
  3. Representing the interests of the whole council area.

Some councillors have additional responsibilities and they are entitled to a special responsibility allowance to reflect the additional role.

Help us create a Better Kingston

We're fighting to make Kingston better, but need the help and support of residents to do this.

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    (the legal bit) | The Kingston Independent Residents Group is a UK registered political party with the Electoral Commission. Published and promoted by James Giles on behalf of the Kingston Independent Residents Group, all of 53 South Park Grove, New Malden, KT3 5DA.

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