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We stand with Marcus Rashford MBE in his fight to ensure that no child goes hungry during the school holidays. We are incredibly disappointed that neither the government nor Kingston Council are pledging to support children from poorer families across Kingston during the October Half Term. If they won’t look out for struggling families, we will. No child should ever go hungry. If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals, we will be offering a free lunch consisting of a sandwich, snack and drink,

INDEPENDENT champions James Giles and Yvonne Tracey have uncovered Council plans to demolish New Malden Sorting Office, with fears that the Post Office could soon follow. The Council confirmed their intention to demolish this community asset at a meeting of the Finance and Contracts committee at the end of February, after being challenged by James Giles. Over 1000 local residents signed a petition earlier this year in an attempt to save New Malden Post Office from being franchised, demonstrating the strength of feeling that the service

By now, you may be aware of the proposal submitted to Kingston Council currently being consulted on to allow the BP on Kingston Road to sell alcohol and hot food 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As the Independent Team representing the area around the BP, we have already voiced our concerns about the impact this will have on the surrounding area - increased noise, public nuisance and crime and disorder. The petrol station has applied twice before for 24 hour alcohol, both times

LISTEN to Mike Kiely's views on Resident Planning above, taken from the BBC World Tonight on Radio 4, 27/04/2020 KINGSTON Council has long had a reputation amongst residents for being a soft-touch on development, with controversial high-rise schemes including  Tolworth Tower, The Old Post Office, Eden Walk and New Malden’s Multi-Storey Car Park being approved in recent years. Residents have long complained at successive Development Control Committee meetings of how they feel the Council is acting on behalf of developers, rather than residents - a claim

Local residents have secured a victory as developers were forced by Kingston Council to halt all works on the Fountain Pub site, and submit a new planning application for any future works on site. This comes after developers destroyed almost the entirety of the locally-listed pub, including the landmark glass dome (inset), which has been in New Malden for over 100 years. Crucially, residents will have the ability to make representations on any plans that now come forward by the developers, and local councillors have the


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