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PETITION: Reverse 213 bus cuts!

Kingston’s Independent Councillors are calling on TfL to reverse their cuts to the popular 213 bus route, which would see buses cut to just five per hour in the day, and four per hour in the evenings.

The route is a key link for residents from Kingston and New Malden to Sutton and Cheam, and vice-versa. The route is also used by Orchard Hill College students living in Kingston with Special Educational Needs to access their education provision in Sutton.

Cllr James Giles has launched a petition, which will be submitted to Kingston Council, Sutton Council and the Mayor of London, calling on the authorities to reverse these cuts.

James said: “Passenger demand has dropped by 9%, yet TfL are cutting the bus service by almost 20%. This makes no sense.

“Mayor Khan is set to generate huge swathes of income from the rushed introduction of ULEZ later this year, and if we are to encourage a modal shift away from private cars to sustainable forms of transport like buses, these services must be enhanced rather than cut.

“I’m urging the Mayor to immediately reverse this damaging cut which will do nothing to reduce congestion, get people out of their cars, and support our sustainable transport objectives.

“I urge all residents to sign our petition.”

You can find the petition below:

Reverse cuts to the 213 bus route!

TO: Kingston Council, Sutton Council, Mayor of London

We, the undersigned, call upon TfL and our local authorities to reverse the cut to the 213 bus route that takes effect on 21st January 2023.

The route is going from six to five buses an hour, a cut of 17%. The rationale for cutting the route is that passenger demand has dropped by 9%, but TfL are cutting the buses by nearly 20 per cent.

This change goes against the numerous Climate Emergency declarations and support for modal shift away from vehicles. To encourage use of sustainable transport, away from private vehicles, services must be improved - not cut!


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