VICTORY! Fountain Pub development halted after intervention

Local residents have secured a victory as developers were forced by Kingston Council to halt all works on the Fountain Pub site, and submit a new planning application for any future works on site.

This comes after developers destroyed almost the entirety of the locally-listed pub, including the landmark glass dome (inset), which has been in New Malden for over 100 years.

Crucially, residents will have the ability to make representations on any plans that now come forward by the developers, and local councillors have the ability to refuse any future application on the site.

Richard Hebborn congratulated the Malden Independent Community Organisation (MICO) for their efforts and victory, saying: “This just shows what can happen when residents work together and stand up for their town.

“I’m sure I speak for all New Malden’s when I say that we’re really grateful to the work of MICO for what they’ve done to stop the further destruction of our heritage on the site.”

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