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PETITION: Scrap plans for Kingston Council to REFUSE cash payment for parking

KINGSTON Council have provisionally passed plans that would mean residents would no longer be able to pay by cash to park in Council-run car parks and pay and display bays.

The decision was approved by the Liberal Democrat administration with no impact assessment to assess the impact this would have on those who do not have access to a bank card or mobile app.

The RingGo app charges a convenience fee to all who use the service, and cash does of course remain legal tender. Whilst most Outer London boroughs keep the ability to pay by cash – Kingston give the rationale of ‘COVID’, claiming that the move will ‘reduce transmission of the virus’.

We are calling in this decision to be reviewed by Scrutiny Panel, calling for a proper assessment on the impact this will have on the elderly. If you agree, sign here:

Call in: Cashless Parking

WE, the undersigned, request the Opposition group on Kingston Council call-in the Cashless Parking Decision, passed on 18th November 2020 at the Culture, Housing, Environment and Planning Committee (CHEP) committee for the following reasons:

- The Equalities Impact Assessment did not consider the number of people who do not have access to a bank account, access to which have been made far more difficult by the COVID pandemic with banks less likely to open accounts, or there being significant delay - a material issue not considered;
- The rationale for this is to ‘support the COVID-19 response’, where the proposal is in fact permanent. The claim is that people will touch the machinery less, with no evidence to show this is the case (it is not the case - and therefore a lie and procedural impropriety as Council reports should not contain misleading statements);
- No legal advice was sought on whether there is an argument of discrimination on the grounds of age or race, as older and BAME communities are less likely to have bank accounts;
- Cash remains a legal method of payment, an issue not considered by the committee;
- No consultation has been undertaken with minority and vulnerable groups to assess the impact this will have on their ability to park;
- No consultation has been undertaken with the business community on the potential impact to the local economy; and
- No consideration was made to those without a bank account, which is a significant issue not raised at committee.

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