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PETITION: Open an M&S in New Malden!

Councillor Yvonne Tracey has launched a petition to Marks and Spencer urging them to make one of their 20 new food stores in the UK in New Malden. This follows the sad closure of Wilko on the High Street this week (w/c 11/09/2023).

James Giles wrote to Marks and Spencer plc in August, following news of Wilko going into administration, to express the strength of feeling locally about having a strong retail offer in New Malden, and now Yvonne wants to demonstrate the strength of feeling locally.

Yvonne said: “I have lived in New Malden all my life and going back to my days in the Post Office, people have always said to me they’d love an M&S in the town.

“Each person signing the petition adds a vote of confidence to M&S that a store here in New Malden would be well-used. New Malden used to have an Iceland and a Safeway – I used to work in the latter – but over the years it has declined.

“The High Street is bouncing back – the Council have been awarded a grant of over £100,000 to support the post-COVID economic recovery, we’re seeing welcome additions to our High Street such as 601pm and ChiCha, but we need to strengthen our retail offering.

“If you agree with me, please sign below.”

PETITION: Open an M&S in New Malden!

TO: Marks and Spencer plc

We, the undersigned, urge Marks and Spencer to open one of their new food stores in New Malden.

New Malden is bouncing back post-COVID, with over £100,000 allocated to High Street recovery by the GLA, a vibrant market and despite the economic situation bustling with shops.

Over the years, the food offering in New Malden has declined: the Co-Op closed their doors, Iceland closed their doors and now Wilko is closing. There are two units which could suit a supermarket - these are at the Wilko site and at the former Tudor Williams site.

Residents in New Malden for many years have suggested and requested an M&S in the town, and we are writing to affirm it will be well used by a loyal group of shoppers.

M&S provides something different, and we urge you to support New Malden\'s economy by opening a new store here either at the Wilko site or the Tudor Wiliams site.

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