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PETITION: Hold Kingston Council to account over Tudor Williams and haphazard planning department

AN URGENT petition has been launched by Independent Residents after Kingston Council failed to make a decision on a 9-storey tower block at the former Tudor Williams site on New Malden High Street.

The non-determination of the tower block means the developer has now appealed to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol who will get to make the final decision on the application, instead of local elected ward councillors.

This has led local residents, supported by the Kingston Independent Residents Group, to crowdfund over £7,000 for a Planning Consultant to robustly challenge the application at a Public Inquiry to be held by the Planning Inspectorate in due course, with the aim of getting the application turned down.

But this has led to questions over just exactly how the application fell out of sight of the planning department, which was last year rated the worst in the country by government statistics.

Residents are calling on Barry John Lomax, Head of Development Management, to attend a meeting of the Place Committee at Kingston Council to explain his departments haphazard handling of the application, which has led to the costly appeal.

We need 657 signatures by 7pm on 12th October. If you agree that Barry Lomax needs to explain why this went so wrong, please sign the petition below.

PETITION: Demanding Better on Planning Decisions

WE, the undersigned, under Kingston Council’s Petition Scheme (paragraph 9), hereby call upon Nazeya Hussain and Barry John Lomax to appear before the Place Committee or Full Council to explain the recent failures in the Planning Department.


- Why did the Council fail to determine the application at the former Tudor Williams site in New Malden within the statutory timeframe, resulting in a costly appeal at the Planning Inspectorate?

- What lessons have been learnt to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

- Will the Council robustly object to the proposals by Rocco Homes?

- Will the Council commit to increasing transparency in the planning process?

- What is Ms Hussain, Mr Lomax and the Council doing to improve their dire record on planning, and improve their tarnished reputation amongst the residents of the borough?

- Will the Council commit to ensuring that all interested parties can continue to respond to planning applications, be them individuals, directors of companies, or chairs of community organisations?

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