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REVEALED: Secret Council plan to demolish New Malden sorting office

INDEPENDENT champions James Giles and Yvonne Tracey have uncovered Council plans to demolish New Malden Sorting Office, with fears that the Post Office could soon follow.

The Council confirmed their intention to demolish this community asset at a meeting of the Finance and Contracts committee at the end of February, after being challenged by James Giles.

Over 1000 local residents signed a petition earlier this year in an attempt to save New Malden Post Office from being franchised, demonstrating the strength of feeling that the service must be retained on the High Street in New Malden. The next nearest sorting office is located on Villiers Road in Kingston.

Further documents outlining secret conversations between the Council and Royal Mail Group have been recently revealed online by the Kingston Enquirer, confirming talks are ongoing to demolish the sorting office in New Malden.

Former Deputy Manager of New Malden Post Office, Yvonne Tracey, said: “It is disgraceful that the Council would even contemplate demolishing our sorting office, which would leave residents having to travel to Villiers Road in Kingston to collect their mail.

“This is a vital community asset, and I’d urge all residents to sign our petition to Save New Malden Sorting Office.”

The petition to Kingston Council can be found below.

Save New Malden Post Office and Sorting Office

WE, the undersigned, call upon the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Council to remove the site 150 High Street, occupied by Royal Mail Group and ZCO on behalf of Post Office Limited, from all proposals relating to the redevelopment of Cocks Crescent.

In addition, we demand the Council commit to supporting Royal Mail Group and ZCO to remain at 150 High Street during and after the proposed redevelopment of Cocks Crescent, and cease all talks being held to buy the the site from Royal Mail Group.

**your signature**

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