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Save the Kingfisher Leisure Centre

KINGSTON campaigners Bob Tyler and Deepa Veneik are calling for the Council to come clean on the situation affecting the leisure centre.

Almost one year on since the Council initially took the decision to close the centre, Kingston’s residents are still in the dark as to when the problems will be fixed.

The Kingfisher Leisure Centre is a crucial amenity for local residents and families in Kingston Town Centre, with its closure forcing residents to use the already overcrowded Malden Centre or go out of borough to swim. 

Bob Tyler said: “It is outrageous that the Council still refuse to be honest with residents about the issues that caused the centre to close in the first place.

“As some of our older residents may remember, the ‘temporary’ closure of the Surbiton Lagoon by Kingston Council many years ago became permanent.

“As a borough that is already so poorly served in terms of leisure facilities, we cannot allow the same fate at the Kingfisher.

“We call on the Council to commit unequivocally to reopening the centre safely at the earliest opportunity.”


Save the Kingfisher Leisure Centre!

WE, the undersigned, call upon Kingston Council to commit to reopening the Kingfisher Leisure Centre safely at the earliest opportunity, and in committing to do so:
1) Release the Surveyor's Report into the issues facing the Kingfisher Leisure Centre
2) Release to the public the proposed cost of refurbishment
3) Commit to holding a public meeting (when COVID allows) to discuss the proposal for the Kingfisher Leisure Centre further
4) Provide a clear timeline, in plain-English, outlining the stages necessary to re-open the Kingfisher with indicative timescales

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